How Does A Pet Psychic Work?

“I’m a pet psychic.” When I tell someone that, some think it’s way cool, others, not so much. Those are the folks that slowly inch away from me at the grocery store.

There are a lot of misconceptions around the idea of psychics in general, so let me try and clear up a few of them.

First off, psychic ability is not weird. It’s the “right brain” working, tapping into those things that don’t seem “logical.” The hunches, the gut feelings, the little “tickles” in the back of the brain…we all have them, but most of us blow them off or overthink these impulses. As a psychic, I grab them and trust the information that comes through in seemingly odd ways. I tell what I “get.” That can be scary, but I feel it’s my duty to be honest with my clients. This does not mean that I ignore the logical side: I’m a practical girl, and I realize you need to combine both aspects to get the full read on any situation. It’s about balancing the two sides of life.

Anyway, switching into “pet psychic” mode isn’t terribly different from working with humans. However, communicating with a critter requires learning something of another language. When I connect with a pet, I “see” and “hear” their impulses/images/emotions. Then I have to “translate” that to Human-Speak.

It’s a little tricky. The information from animals comes fast. It can be overwhelming. But over the years, I’ve learned to pick up on the essential messages that our fur kids are sending us – whether they’re still here or on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

The bottom line is that our animals want dearly to draw even CLOSER to us. They nuzzle, purr, butt up against us – but they still want us to KNOW MORE. On one level, we instinctively know what they may need; on another level, they want to speak more clearly so that our relationship is even stronger. Kind of like any deep human connection.

A pet psychic serves one of two purposes: if your pet is still here, I frequently get calls to help with behavior issues (“Why are they peeing where they are?,” “Why are they barking?”).

The other call is to help connect after a pet has crossed. Owners have a ton of concerns, like “Did I do enough?”, “Were they in pain?”, “Do they know I love(d) them?”  I wrote about my experiences in greater depth in my book, Your Pet Has Died.  Now What?

When they’re still around, I often pick up on physical symptoms, like if their new food doesn’t sit right with their tummy. In many cases, I can sense their “back story” – which is helpful for those adopting rescue animals. I did a reading the other day to try and decode why a pet was so severely anxious. I picked up that she had been crated frequently because the previous owners didn’t have the patience for her, and she worried that those owners would not come back. I spent some time mentally “talking” to this dog to reassure her that her new owner was hip and would never, ever do such a thing, so she could relax and enjoy her new life.

When a pet has crossed over, I tune in to their spirit energy to share what they’re doing on the Other Side, the thoughts they have about their past physical life, circumstances of their crossing over and more. For many pet owners, this brings a ton of relief, answers, and comfort.

Bottom line, as a pet psychic, I work to “say” what the animals want, in a way that humans can understand.

Think of a Pet Psychic as one of those United Nations translators. We have a form of “earbuds” that allow us to pick up on the unique language of our critters, then translate it back.

And trust me, they WANT us to know what they’re saying. It makes our world – and theirs – so much better.

Want some help with your own animal (alive or deceased)? Get in touch.